Trenching Services in Franklin

Trenching Services in Franklin

Tennessee and nationwide trenching jobs are provided by Pro Excavating Franklin and bucket wheel trenchers. We have completed trenching contractor projects for oil and gas pipelines, underground utilities, renewable energy, telecommunications, and more.

Our trencher operators and crews are specialized and experienced in all kinds and hardness’s of material. To provide the highest quality work in a safe and timely manner is our commitment.

Successful Tennessee  Trenching is All About Anticipating Problems

Every contractor faces unpredictable obstacles, and it’s no different in the business.  At Pro Excavating Franklin  we take every precaution to prevent obstacles from derailing our progress.

For decades, we have kept trenching histories for every area where we work.  We can use the records to predict what kind of rock we will encounter based on the type of rock we encountered on the surface.  We can deliver the right equipment, whether it is chain trenching or chain ditching equipment.

We have maintained our own trenching equipment by our own seasoned operators and maintained the equipment by our own mechanics throughout our history.  We’ve been able to maintain a great safety record and prevent any downtime that could cost contractors money.  Because we have our own mechanics on staff, when a piece of equipment malfunctions, they can be on-site in the time it takes for them to drive there.

Trenching operators have their own customized service skid, which contains everything they need to work efficiently.  Grease, oil, and a wide range of tools can be used for daily maintenance and inspection of equipment.

When it comes to anticipating potential problems, only experience can provide valuable insight.  If you don’t apply the knowledge you’ve gained diligently, even experience won’t help.  Due to our continuous growth, we have improved our efficiency on the job-site, and we look forward to putting it to work for you.

Contact us Today for all of Your Trenching and Ditching Needs

Among our clients are oil and gas pipeline contractors, companies engaged in the energy industry, government and municipal entities, as well as a variety of other commercial entities.  If you take any chances with your Tennessee trenching or ditching needs, you will end up spending more money.

Tennessee Trenching Experts

When you’re a general contractor looking for a Tennessee trenching subcontractor to dig oil and gas pipelines, wind farm collection systems, fiber optic lines, or any other ditching project, we understand that time is money.

Furthermore, we don’t allow unforeseen obstacles to justify any adjustments to the estimates.  In every situation, we honor our agreements, and work diligently to complete every job on time.  We can provide a multitude of trenching widths and depths because we use and maintain the best trenchers and chain ditching equipment that money can buy.

We take pride in the quality of our work and have clients who say that we are the best at trenching in Tennessee, and we want to show our expertise at your work site.  We offer a free quote on our services in Tennessee, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.